Oh, And One More Thing!

Bound in Smoke – Progress! For the last three weeks I have been preparing to do another paper read through of Bound in Smoke. I printed out the whole thing and had it in the binder and something kept nagging at me so I didn’t start that day. Then I was walking back to the […]

Midsummer Updates

Midsummer is Here! Here we are, halfway through July. Summer is not my season, I gotta say. I am not a warm weather person. If summer is your season, I say enjoy it, but I will stay out of the sun, slathered up with SPF 50 if I do venture out, and be grateful for […]

Summer is Coming and the Writing is Never Easy

Happy June to everyone! It’s true writing is never easy, but I am writing! Bound in Smoke is (dare I say it?) structurally complete. For quite some time I had chapters that were dangling out there not fully belonging. I wasn’t looking at them much because I was addressing other issues and writing new chapters. […]

May Greetings! The WIP and a New Cover

The WIP Bound in Smoke continues to go really well. The paper read-through was productive up to the point where I stopped editing to deal with the changes that resulted. Those needed to be in before I pick up with the back half of the story, so there was no point going farther with the […]

Shame on Scholastic Books

Scholastic: Money before Honor Author Maggie Tokuda-Hall wrote a Children’s picture book titled Love In the Library, a story based on her grandparents and the US internment of Americans of Japanese descent during World War II. The book is published by Candlewick Press. Scholastic inquired about licensing the book for distribution in their channels, but […]

Spring is Springing!

Greetings everyone! This was a week of spectacular weather after a couple of days of light rain. A few of the many wildflowers I planted are coming up so fingers crossed that continues. Everything is starting to bloom! Yay for April and spring weather. Yesterday I took the dogs for their walk and it was […]

A Wednesday Post About Weather and Writing

Weather: We Have It. Greetings to everyone! California has been in severe drought for the last several years which has been scary and sad. We’d stopped planting our yearly tulips because even with a six week rest in the fridge before planting they require February frost and freezes, and for the past 2-3 years we […]

They’re On Sale Now!

My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire Are on sale everywhere! I am so, so happy this day has finally come. For a limited time, both books are $0.99. On April 15th the price for My Forbidden Desire goes up. All the books have been updated in line with the editorial changes I made in […]

Quick My Immortals Update

My Immortals Update! I have uploaded the files for My Wicked Enemy and My Forbidden Desire, and I am waiting for the various vendors to get the books on sale. Amazon has my reversion letters but how soon they’ll realize that and put the books on sale is anyone’s guess. Once all the vendors have […]

Good News!

As many of you know, I have been impatiently waiting for the official reversion for My Forbidden Desire.  Well, today my wonderful agent forwarded it to me which means that I now officially control all the books in the My Immortals series! Yippeee!!! I have started the uploading process but it will be a few […]

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