Reader Poll – Finding Romances to Read

Writer’s Diary – Romance Author With A Few Opinions

Here’s A totally unscientific poll for anyone who reads romance. This includes authors in their reader role. My question is over the last year or so, what is your experience trying to find new romances to read?  Please feel free to comment with any additional information, opinions, or thoughts. Is it harder? Is it easier? […]

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More News!

Surrender to Ruin is now off to the proofreader!
This is getting exciting.

Publication Date for Surrender to Ruin

I have started setting up pre-orders for Surrender To Ruin with a publication date of December 5, 2017. The copy-editor has the MS, after that it’s proofreading, and then off to formatting. Things are a bit anxious here with the fires, but so far we’re OK. I don’t expect we’ll have to evacuate since we […]

Update on Surrender to Ruin

I have the (3rd Round) edited manuscript back for Surrender to Ruin. This is wonderful, Carolyn! I already loved this book and now I love it even more! This means I have some light edits and then the book goes to copy-edits. I’m considering a pre-order for this book. Stand by on that. Either way […]

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