So, I saw the penguin video,* which depicts penguins fighting for the right to perpetuate the species. I am totally cool with the nature thing of penguins. The narration, however, is NOT a nature thing. The narration is exactly the kind of bullshit that reinforces the message that male humans have a right to female […]


So there I was on my lunch hour revising a scene in the MS when I suddenly needed to know a bit more about what women used when they had their periods. (This is for Surrender to Ruin, a historical romance, fyi). I had some ideas, but it’s always nice to do some research on […]

Progress is Made

OK, so yes, I am still working on Surrender to Ruin. The first round of revisions are done. My plan this weekend were to start a last paper read through before it goes to my editor. Last week I was pleased with the back half of the novel and really glad to see that I […]

Why I’m Running for Re-Election to the RWA Board of Directors

Writer’s Diary – Romance Author With A Few Opinions

Some of you may know that two years I was elected as to sit as a Director at Large on the RWA National Board. I’m running for re-election. For interested members, here’s a little more about me and my feelings about publishing and RWA. I’ve been publishing Romance since 1987. I’ve traditionally published and now […]

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